Best Practices for Early Childhood Education Continuity

Voices from the Field: Options for Engaging Learners at Home

When: Friday, May 15, 2020 | 12:00 PM EST

A free, live webinar event.

We’ve invited some of our partners in the field to join us in sharing positive approaches that have been working during this time when the children they serve are at home every day. This panel of educators will be sharing their experiences, like continuing study learning at home, getting creative with read-alouds, weekly individual check-ins, all-class Zoom calls, and more. We’ll also highlight the free resources Teaching Strategies has made available to help teachers maintain an active role in facilitating learning at this time.

Presented by:

Breeyn Mack
Vice President, Educational Content
Teaching Strategies

Breeyn Mack

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The live webinar event has ended. An archived recording of this webinar will soon be available to view on-demand.

Please register below to be notified when the archived recording is available.

Due to overwhelming popularity of the upcoming "Teaching StrategiesĀ® - Options for Engaging Out Youngest Learners Right Now" webinar scheduled for April 9th, 2020, we have closed the webinar's registration. If you haven't had a chance to register, or you've registered and we have too many attendees to access the live webinar, we apologize for the inconvenience. We will be recording the webinar and posting the archive here by Friday, April 10th.

In addition, we scheduled a second opportunity to attend this live webinar on Wednesday, April 22, at 12:00pm ET. You can register here:

Teaching StrategiesĀ® - Options for Engaging Out Youngest Learners Right Now


Please note:

At this time, we do not offer certificates of participation or completion for our webinars.

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