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Culturally Relevant Family Engagement:
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A child’s experiences and interactions outside of school are just as important as the experiences and interactions that occur at school. As communities across the country look for solutions that support remote learning, this is more evident than ever–and partnering effectively with families is essential to the future of this generation of young learners.

Children encounter many different people–different teachers, administrators, and counselors– as they move through our education system. However, a child's family is often a constant throughout their entire educational journey. In March 2020, school closures caused millions of children who typically spent their days in school with teachers to find themselves at home with family members. The closures forced districts and programs to consider the role of the family in a child’s life in a new way.

As we look toward the future, one in which the line between school and home is more blurry, it’s critical to move from a “check-the-box” mindset around family engagement to one that is truly transformative.

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